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About ProFi Construction & Maintenance  


Porter Services TruckThe path to ProFi began just as many great companies do, born from hard work and ambition on a college campus. Co-Founders Michael Loudis and Patrick Cueva met at Florida State University as college students, and their shared entrepreneurial drive led them to start a residential cleaning service for college students. They identified a need within their community and seized the opportunity to fulfill it. It was this mentality that allowed them to identify a greater need, a one-stop shop for handling the needs of commercial facilities, using technology to streamline and simplify solutions. Today, ProFi Construction and Maintenance serves clients at over a hundred locations throughout the state of Florida. Through strong leadership and capable management, ProFi is able to identify problems, and efficiently work through the best possible solutions, leaving clients free to focus on what matters. ProFi’s mission is to be the #1 construction and maintenance provider in the markets we serve by empowering our team to deliver the highest quality of service with efficiency, integrity and professionalism.  

Today, ProFi Construction & Maintenance is a premier provider of construction and facility maintenance services to commercial real estate. We strive to serve our clients where we can eliminate liability, save time, and increase property efficiency for every service we complete. With our dedicated management team, trustworthy staff, and innovation through technology, we strive to offer the best quality service throughout Florida. ProFi is a premier provider of construction & maintenance services. We specialize in:  

  • Tenant Build Out/ Renovations
  • General Contracting
  • Exterior Porter Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Pressure Washing Street Sweeping

 If you are in need of commercial construction services, ProFi is the right company for you. With our years of industry experience and passion for providing high quality results, we understand what it takes to find and execute cost-efficient solutions for our clients. Contact the ProFi team today to learn more about our facility maintenance services and how we can help you. Remember, we are a one-stop shop for all commercial facilities!