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Consider day porters the unsung heroes of your commercial facility. They work tirelessly keeping properties both safe and spotless to ensure property managers can focus on their own endless list of responsibilities. At Profi Construction & Maintenance, our day porters offer more than just your average cleaning service. We tailor the services to meet your property’s specific needs. Below, we highlight what expectations you should hold of your facility maintenance partner, in regard to day porter services, and how these services can maximize profits for your commercial property.

Communication is Key

The sole responsibility of a day porter is to uphold the image of your commercial property, keeping it clean and inviting at all times. In addition to removing trash and debris that may be hazardous to customers and employees, day porters also provide window cleaning and restroom sanitation services and assist maintenance techs as needed. At Profi, we consider our day porters to be the necessary eyes and ears in your facility. It is our duty to observe and report all liability issues before they become dangerous or costly concerns. For this reason, you should expect a vocal day porter, one who is in frequent communication with you regarding all matters of your property.

Customized Day Porters

As previously mentioned, our day porters at Profi customize their services to meet your property’s unique needs. Porters should be an extension of your staff, willing to go above and beyond what’s required, within reason, to guarantee the safety and profitability of your commercial business. We employ the same porters to your property daily, so that they may become trustworthy team members that you can depend on. When business is booming and foot traffic is high, you should expect your porter to be one step ahead in monitoring the sanitation and aesthetic appeal that keeps customers satisfied.

Facility Maintenance Expectations

Day porters are more than just an extra set of hands to keep the facility running smoothly. They allow for a pristine commercial property that is both inviting of new customers and enjoyable for those employed there. We find that a consistently clean property evokes a sense of pride in employees and enhances work ethic. If your current day porter isn’t meeting these reasonable expectations or aiding in the growth of your business, contact Profi Construction & Maintenance. Make the most of your porter services today!