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As we wrap up 2019, it’s time to reflect on what we did successfully throughout the year, as well as what we can improve on for the following. For commercial property managers, this requires assessing their property for any weaknesses that may be affecting revenue. An inadequately maintained property can lead to a variety of issues, including slower business, tenant dissatisfaction, and decreased property value. ProFi Construction and Maintenance offers some tips on how to maximize profits by optimizing facility maintenance.


  1. The exterior quality of your commercial property is the most important component to its success. An aesthetically appealing, well-maintained property invites customers and keeps them coming back. Therefore, regular pressure washing services, street sweeping, and porter services are vital. Who wants to shop at a rundown property littered with trash, covered with gum and bird droppings, and frequented by pests? Partnering with an efficient facility maintenance company like ProFi Construction and Maintenance ensures that these details are paid consistent attention. Additionally, our professional handymen will have eyes on your commercial property daily taking a preventative approach to costly repairs.


  1. Safety audits are crucial and should be completed frequently to avoid injuries or auto-damage. While property managers should do a full inspection weekly for things like potholes, faulty parking stops, or fallen debris, handymen can provide these inspections daily. Our commercial handymen at ProFi will have these issues repaired same day to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of all customers and employees.


  1. Although regular pressure washing aids in maintaining the look of your commercial building, a new coat of paint is sometimes necessary. Freshening up your commercial property’s exterior can add value to the property itself and even attract new customers and tenants. Additionally, the paint serves as a protective layer against harsh South Florida elements that can quickly erode your building’s exterior.


  1. When paint and regular maintenance services aren’t enough, it may be time to consider some minor reconstruction. A new tenant build-out or even modifications to your existing structure does not need to be the costly, time-consuming headache you’re imagining. ProFi Construction and Maintenance will work with your budget and schedule to provide your property with the fresh looks it needs to boost employee morale and drive business.


  1. Our final tip involves evaluating the effectiveness of your current contractors and making changes where necessary. Relationships aside, if your commercial property is not running at peak efficiency and the exterior is not as inviting as it could be, it may be time to change your facility maintenance partner. ProFi Construction and Maintenance believes you deserve a team that exceeds your maintenance expectations and advances the property’s success. Contact our facility maintenance company today to learn more on how we can help your commercial property reach its maximum potential.