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Running an efficient and prosperous commercial property is no small feat! Property managers have their hands full with the endless responsibilities associated with keeping tenants happy and customers returning. Such a consuming role has little time for maintenance issues that disrupt the flow of business, especially issues that could have been avoided had ProFi Construction & Maintenance been on site. We believe there are a number of preventative measures property managers can take to reduce the risk of costly, time-consuming, and even dangerous problems. It’s time to move away from reactive strategies and towards a proactive facility maintenance approach. Here’s how:


Designated Maintenance Specialists


  1. While some problems are simply unavoidable, partnering with a reliable facility maintenance company that keeps consistent eyes on your site will greatly reduce the likelihood of major issues. At ProFi Construction & Maintenance, we prefer to employ the same workers on your site each visit. This way, they become experts of your property and able to spot inconsistencies an irregular maintenance worker might overlook. They become your trusted and loyal team member who stays late to patch a pothole or adjust a crooked car stop so that you can avoid a liability headache.


Regular Maintenance Inspections


  1. A thorough maintenance inspection should be executed every two weeks, in addition to daily facility maintenance services. Property managers should plan these inspections in advance with your facility maintenance partner committed to schedule, and checklist of tasks and oversight should be established. The checklist should include an assessment of lighting, electrical, building exterior, grounds, meters, and safety hazards. The demands of these inspections may be periodically reviewed and adjusted to meet the growing needs of your commercial property.


Busy Season Preparation 


  1. With South Florida’s busy season approaching, property managers are preparing for an influx of business. As the foot traffic increases on your commercial property, so does the potential for problems. Anticipating and preparing for mishaps will allow you to swiftly tackle them before they become large-scale inconveniences. One measure we recommend is enhancing the services provided by your facility maintenance partner. In doing so, you minimize the potential for trip hazards, car accidents, and city violations. Keeping open communication with tenants and employees is also imperative, as they may be able to warn you of issues before customers notice.


It’s time to change your approach! Contact ProFi Construction & Maintenance today! We’re your proactive partner for all facility maintenance needs. We provide a wide variety of facility maintenance services such as pressure cleaning services, commercial handyman work and so much more!