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As local property managers know, South Florida has an enormous market for facility maintenance. There are endless partner options available when considering who should manage your commercial property needs, which is why we urge you to do your homework and implement the same process you would in hiring a prospective employee. The ProFi Construction & Maintenance team has built a reputation of being one of the most trustworthy and respectable partners in the area, but don’t take our word for it. Read reviews, see the properties we currently maintain first-hand and speak with our clientele to decipher for yourself if we’d be a fit for you. Whether you are in need of porter services or pressure cleaning services, our team of experts will help keep your property looking its best. Below, we provide five expectations you should hold of the facility maintenance company you choose.


Quality– An impeccable commercial property means more business, less liability, and increased workplace satisfaction. When you skimp on quality, your property becomes vulnerable to all kinds of problems. You want to partner with the most efficient company that pays attention to even the smallest details. A high-quality facility maintenance team will notice problems before they become huge, costly repairs, and will be as attentive to your property as they would their own home. A quality maintenance company also entails the very best team members. All employees at ProFi Construction & Maintenance are experts in their trade, have undergone extensive training, as well as thorough background checks.


Consistency– Commercial properties are typically booming with business, and with heavy foot traffic comes trash build-up. You need a facility maintenance team that provides daily consistency to ensure the property is spotless and inviting at all times. At ProFi Construction & Maintenance, we prefer to employ the same team members at your location each day. This way, they become experts of your property, as well as a familiar face.


Flexibility– Your property’s needs are subject to change, especially with busy season approaching. A great facility maintenance company will be flexible and accommodating whatever the circumstance, which often means heavier maintenance during the more hectic months. Additionally, we always work with your preferred schedule so that business operations are not disrupted.


Transparency– Open and honest communication is imperative with any partnership. You want a facility maintenance partner you can trust that will keep you informed on all matters related to your property, even if that requires the occasional difficult conversation. Problems are inevitable, but a good partner will be upfront and prepared to make reparations when they are accountable.


Ongoing Training & Advanced Technology– Despite the years of experience and specialized skills our employees bring to the table, further training is sometimes necessary in order to keep up with advancements in the field. Your facility maintenance company should be up to date on new technology and techniques that improve efficiency and reduce costs for your commercial property. ProFi Construction & Maintenance is always seeking the most innovative approach with the highest quality results so that your property stands out among the rest.


If these expectations aren’t being met with your current facility maintenance partner, contact ProFi Construction & Maintenance today! We think you deserve more.