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Commercial property maintenance is a crucial component to the success of businesses, as well as the increasing value of the commercial properties they occupy. As one of the premier commercial maintenance companies in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the greater South Florida area, ProFi Construction & Maintenance works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ properties are pristine and running efficiently 24/7/365. What exactly does our job entail?  Below we will provide a list of services we proudly offer our customers, as well as all the associated benefits when you choose to partner with us for your commercial maintenance needs.


Commercial Property Maintenance Services


ProFi services a variety of properties large and small, including shopping centers, industrial parks, outdoor malls, retail chains, parking garages, and office parks. We consider ourselves your one-stop shop for all commercial needs, providing handy-man, pressure cleaning, street-sweeping, porter and even general contracting services. Specifically, commercial property maintenance entails all upkeep related to potholes, car stops, curbing, signs, lighting, trash and debris. While the services provided by maintenance companies vary, as does the quality of performance, we take pride in our drive and ability to always accommodate our customers’ specific needs. Our job is never complete until you’re one hundred percent satisfied.


Quality Service & Care


There are immense benefits to partnering with a commercial maintenance company like ProFi Construction & Maintenance that stretch far beyond convenience and aesthetic appeal. Of course, our skilled and dependable staff will ensure your property looks spotless on a daily basis, which will ultimately drive business. However, our consistent upkeep and attention to detail will also increase the value of the property itself. The expertise we provide will allow you to become aware of any problems long before they become costly repairs you didn’t think to budget for. Additionally, having our eyes and hands on your property at all times will help mitigate liability for customers. The safety of customers, as well as all employees within your commercial property, is of utmost importance. Lastly, it is our experience that a clean commercial property boosts morale and productivity in its personnel, as it gives them a workplace to be proud of.  

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