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Why talk about street sweeping? While it may seem like a mundane topic, we find that only in the absence of street sweeping do people recognize its value. The obvious benefit, of course, is an increased aesthetic appeal to your commercial property. However, there are additional rewards to regular street sweeping that you may have never considered. As one of many services provided by ProFi Construction & Maintenance, we find it to be the most important for your property, the environment, and public safety. Here’s why:


Protects against Toxicity and Pollution

When waste accumulates in our gutters, our oceans, lakes, and water supply are at risk for harmful pollutants. Consider where all the metal particles, plastic, glass, cigarette buts, etc. wind up when not regularly attended to. When it rains, which is often in South Florida, the pollutants are carried into the ecosystems of various animals, ultimately destroying their habitats. Street sweepers ensure that the trash and hazardous material they collect end up in a landfill or treatment plant, rather than in our water systems.


Improves Overall Safety 

Street sweeping improves safety for drivers and pedestrians. One way it does so is by preventing flooding. The last thing you want is to contribute to a flood because you did not clear your gutters appropriately of trash build-up. Keeping your streets and parking lots clear allows stormwater to drain faster and more efficiently. Unattended to debris on roads or in parking lots can also prove hazardous to drivers by leaving cars susceptible to swerving, skidding, or collision. Pedestrians run the risk of stepping on harmful objects if buried under buildups of trash. Runners and cyclists may even have to swerve into roadways to avoid hitting such debris.


Protects Wildlife and Pets

It’s hard to miss the sad sight of dead animals on the sides of our roads. Wildlife and pets are often drawn towards these roadways because of the buildup of the trash carrying food. Street sweeping can protect these animals by keeping them away from busy traffic. It can also protect household pets sniffing around the debris from harmful bacteria or disease. Additionally, regular street sweeping can keep unwanted animals away from populated shopping centers.

As we mentioned previously, the most obvious benefit of street sweeping is increased curb appeal for your commercial property. We find that regular street maintenance enhances both employee and customer satisfaction, which ultimately improves business. Let our facility maintenance company rid you of rubbish and help keep your property a clean, safe, and approachable environment.