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An office renovation is no small undertaking and is often put off far too long because of the potential headache associated. However, with proper planning and the right team in place, an office renovation can, in fact, be a smooth-sailing operation. Our experience at ProFi Construction & Maintenance has taught us that there are five key ingredients to ensuring a hassle-free remodel. If you desire a more modern, functional, and aesthetically appealing workspace without the headache, we advise you to:


  1.     Set clear goals. The first step in planning your office renovation is clearly outlining your goals on paper. Writing them down leaves no room for confusion. If you know what your desired outcome is prior to beginning construction, you will save yourself time and money. It may also be in your best interest to seek the opinions of those who utilize the workspace on a daily basis and incorporate their ideas into the plans. This will make certain everyone is happy with the finished product.


  1.     Hire the right team. It’s important that you do your due diligence when selecting the contractor for your office renovation. Do not simply hire the team that gives you the lowest bid because you may get what you paid for. We advise you meet with several contractors, relay your goals, get feedback, and even request pictures of renovations they’ve completed in the past. It never hurts to ask for references! Our prior tenant renovations at ProFi have included banks, physician offices, warehouses, gyms, office parks, and shopping centers. You can find before and after pictures throughout our site.


  1.     Set a schedule. After selecting your team, work with them to create a realistic schedule that will accommodate your business operations. Most importantly, we advise that you allow room for flexibility. Once a preliminary schedule is set, share this with your employees so that they can plan accordingly and feel included in the process.


  1.     Establish budget contingencies. When setting your budget, anticipate additional costs. No contractor can guarantee that issues won’t arise throughout the renovation process, and so it is in your best interest to prepare for these unforeseen costs. We recommend setting aside a 10 percent contingency that will allow you and your team some breathing room. The last thing you want is a final bill you’re unprepared to pay.


  1.     Keep open communication throughout the entire process. The most crucial ingredient to a successful and smooth office renovation is open communication. We are always transparent with our clients about the renovation process, including any hiccups throughout. We suggest you communicate often with your contractor, as well as your employees, to ensure the operation is running efficiently and that all parties are satisfied.


Is your office space due for an upgrade? Well, in addition to providing commercial facility maintenance services, we are also licensed general contractors equipped to meet all your renovation needs. We ensure the smoothest renovation possible with minimal disruption to your everyday business, as we always take your operational needs into consideration first and foremost. Whether the changes you desire are large in scale or minor, look no further than ProFi Construction & Maintenance. We are ready to provide you with the efficient and well-designed workspace you’ve been waiting for!