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When considering various Facility Maintenance companies to service your commercial property, you are looking for expertise, professionalism, and transparency. This is why we at ProFi Construction & Maintenance stress the importance of thoroughly reviewing and understanding your maintenance contract before securing that partnership. We believe the more details outlined, the better. There are a few things every maintenance contract for a commercial property should cover. We will share what to keep an eye out for before signing on the dotted line so that the best interest of both parties is considered.


  1. The scope of work needs to be clearly outlined. Your facility maintenance company should know exactly what they’re responsible for, on which days they’re providing service, as well as the times best suited for your hours of operation. In addition to outlining the details of service, your expectations of the final result, or how your property should look, may also be included.


  1. Payment terms are obviously something to be aware of before signing any contract agreement. This includes rates of service and when the facility maintenance company should expect payment. However, you must also consider who’s covering the cost of materials. Maybe you’re expecting to split the cost of materials but your contract outlines that you’re fully responsible. Now you’re looking at a job that is way outside what you originally budgeted for. Always look for the quantities of materials listed and the breakdown of the cost to avoid surprises. 


  1. Outlined in your maintenance contract should also be a clear understanding of who’s liable for what. In the event of an accident, you need to know which party’s insurance will cover the injury. You can request a certificate of insurance to be certain the facility maintenance company has general liability insurance. Otherwise, you may be responsible if their worker is injured on the job.


  1. Lastly, we recommend that you include a blueprint for conflict resolution. While we never expect conflicts to occur, they do happen on occasion and it’s best to be prepared. We want conflicts to be resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible, in order to maintain a professional relationship. Building an element of flexibility into your contract to anticipate changes in the scope of business or cost may prevent certain conflicts altogether.


ProFi Construction & Maintenance knows that you have options! When choosing us for your facility maintenance or commercial handyman service needs, we ensure complete transparency throughout the entire partnership. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we’ve built over the years, and they’re a direct result of our quality of service and professional integrity.