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There’s an array of benefits associated with having a trusted handyman readily available to service your commercial property. ProFi knows that property managers already have their hands full without having to worry about tedious maintenance issues that seem to pile up. We want you to spend your time where it matters most, and that’s on your business! Let us worry about the patching, painting, fixture installations, plumbing malfunctions, and electrical issues that inevitably occur on commercial properties and take time away from your day. We’ll explain some advantages to commercial handyman services, and why you should look no further than ProFi Construction & Maintenance when considering a partner.

Handyman Services that Save you Time & Money

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? In addition to the time wasted trying to repair certain issues yourself, partnering with ProFi’s commercial handyman services can save you time calling various contractors every instance a problem occurs. This can be every day when you’re managing a large commercial property. As partners, we will be available to provide our top-notch services at your beck and call. You will become familiar with our handymen and they will become familiar with your property, which means efficient service you can trust. Also, and more importantly, consider the money saved when paying our handymen by the hour opposed to contracted services that charge by the job. It adds up!

The Importance of Safety and Customer Satisfaction 

Another benefit to commercial handyman services is increased customer and employee satisfaction. When the inevitable maintenance issues arise, they can disrupt business and potentially draw away customers. Some issues may even pose safety hazards, such as faulty lighting or broken doors. This can decrease moral, as well as productivity. Partnering with a commercial handyman service ensures that your property is safe, aesthetically appealing, and functioning optimally. 

What you can Expect from ProFi

Because ProFi is a large facility maintenance company that also provides commercial handyman services, we have significantly more resources than your average contracted handyman. Our handymen, therefore, are better equipped to handle more complex jobs because they are aided by a team of commercial maintenance workers. Having a handyman regularly on-site also means they will notice the issues you didn’t think to look for, such as painting, roofing, or pipe issues. If not addressed promptly, they could require more costly and timely repairs. We will always have your best interests in mind, as our goals are to keep your property running efficiently and your focus on improving business.