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Why Pressure Washing? While it may seem like an unnecessary and costly expense, ProFi is here to tell you how regular pressure cleaning may, in fact, save you money in the long run and increase revenue for your commercial business. Keeping properties spotless and increasing their value is our forte here at ProFi, and our experience has taught us that quarterly pressure washing, if not monthly, is in the best interest of the property. Below, we provide three benefits to commercial pressure cleaning, which we’ve witnessed first-hand from the properties we currently service.


Prevent Costly Repairs

If you’re wondering how pressure cleaning will save you money, consider the damage that can result from gum, bird droppings, mold, algae, and dirt build-up over a long period of time. If left unwashed, these substances can actually deteriorate your building and cause costly repairs that you didn’t think to budget for. To make matters worse, South Florida’s humidity may even accelerate the structural damage caused by this build-up. Therefore, consider our pressure washing services a form of preventative maintenance. ProFi will ensure that dirt and grime don’t eat away at your commercial property!


Ensure Health and Safety

Commercial pressure cleaning allows for a cleaner environment and may reduce health and safety concerns on your property. Our pressure washing services at ProFi Construction & Maintenance effectively eliminate any contaminants that may build-up on your property over time. Certain elements, like bacteria and mold, can cause severe allergies and related health concerns if not attended to on a regular basis. Additionally, pressure washing may reduce the risk of slips and falls. We strive to provide a clean, safe environment for both the customers and employees at your commercial property, which ultimately increases their retention and satisfaction.


Increase Aesthetic Appeal

The final and most obvious benefit to commercial pressure cleaning is increased attraction to your commercial property. The aesthetic appeal is what draws your customers in, and if the property is covered in grime, business will inevitably suffer. A spotless property will drive customers in and invoke pride in the employees that do business there. We also find that regular pressure cleaning not only maintains the value of your property but can even improve it. 


Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washing

ProFi provides only the best services, which is why we use hot water for pressure cleaning, as oppose to cold. Our experience has taught us that hot water combined with high pressure is significantly more effective in penetrating grease, oil, and grime. Additionally, only high-temperature water can melt away all that ugly gum embedded in your property! But the emulsification properties aren’t the only benefit. The heated water is what sterilizes your property and kills the harmful bacteria on your surfaces. It also accelerates the cleaning process and drying time. In fact, you will receive the desired results in almost half the time it would take with cold water. This makes hot water pressure cleaning eco-friendlier and more cost-effective due to less water and chemicals being required. So, let ProFi Construction & Maintenance make your property shine and give your business a boost!