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A commercial facility manager has their hands full every day making sure that maintenance issues are being attended to in a timely manner. A building can only run efficiently when proper systems are in place to resolve inevitable maintenance problems. Because various issues can arise in a commercial building all day long, it’s important to spot them early on so that daily operations are not compromised. ProFi Construction & Maintenance is your one-stop-shop for all commercial maintenance needs! Our commercial handymen are fully trained and equipped to handle facility maintenance for buildings of any size. Below, we share some common maintenance issues to prepare for.


Having No Record Management 

When a maintenance issue occurs in a commercial building, it’s necessary to have a software system that will keep a record of the problem at hand. Inputting this information will allow the facility manager to fix the issue immediately, as well as stay organized. Responding to an issue without any documentation can be problematic especially for a large building with intricate operations. Capturing accurate and reliable data when a maintenance issue arises will ensure the process runs smoothly.


Air Conditioning Issues 

Any business owner or maintenance specialist knows that when the air stops working in a building, the issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. You may need to close down the building when this occurs and such downtime can impact business productivity. The good news is you can take proactive measures by switching out your air filters every month. You should also regularly check your unit to make sure it’s running at its maximum efficiency.


Plumbing Issues

Faulty pipes and leaks can be a severe issue, as this can lead to foundation problems and even mold. These can be costly repairs and it’s important to address this problem right away. If you notice a leak, you should contact your maintenance company immediately. This small problem can be fixed before a major building repair would need to take place.

If you are in need of a commercial maintenance company for your property, ProFi Construction & Maintenance is the company for you! Give our professionals a call today. Our commercial handyman services will fix all common issues like the ones mentioned above plus more.