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Any Floridian knows that the start of summer means barbecues, beach trips, and, unfortunately, hurricane season. All residents can relate to hurricane preparedness measures such as boarding up homes and stocking up on food and water supplies. For commercial property managers, it’s vital to have a solid plan in place as we will inevitably experience a major storm at some point this season. Therefore, taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of tenants is of utmost importance. At ProFi Construction & Maintenance, we provide our clients with complete facility maintenance services for all commercial properties. We explain how tenants can safely prepare their property for natural disasters and why hurricane season preparation is so crucial.


Create an Emergency Plan and Protocol 

It is imperative to take proactive measures in the event of a hurricane hitting your city. Luckily, we will most likely be warned of an approaching storm, which gives us a few days to prepare. If a hurricane watch comes into effect where your commercial property is located, it’s time to put the emergency plan that you put together beforehand into action. This plan should include a possible facility shut down for the safety of all employees. An evacuation may occur and it’s important to close all operations at least one day in advance. Take this time to prepare your facility for a complete shutdown and allow your employees to prepare their homes.


Prepare your Facility 

Exterior equipment or signs should be moved inside, and all windows should be boarded if they are not high-impact. Move interior furniture and equipment away from windows. If your commercial facility is safe enough for employees to seek shelter during the storm, you must stock up on emergency supplies. To name a few, this should include plenty of non-perishable food, water, emergency lighting, batteries, medications, and first aid kits. When creating your emergency plan, consider purchasing a generator for your building. Losing power during a hurricane is a strong possibility and a generator will certainly ease the discomfort during this time.


Review your Property Insurance Policy 

As a commercial property manager or business owner, it’s necessary to review the current insurance plan for your building. When a natural disaster causes extreme damage, the rebuilding phase can get complicated, especially if the insurance policy is not fully understood prior. After a storm, it’s crucial that the building managers take photos and videos of the damage that occurred to substantiate insurance claims.

Once the storm has officially passed and authorities say it’s safe to leave the home, personnel should assess the building before returning to normal business operations. For more information on how to prepare your commercial facility in the event of a natural disaster, contact the experts at ProFi Construction & Maintenance today!