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Maintaining a safe environment in the workplace is extremely important no matter the industry. There are certain standards and regulations companies and workers must meet in order to promote productivity and safety in the space they are in. There are serious consequences that can occur when this is not made a priority. Workers can become injured, equipment can become damaged, and efficiency will be lost.


The facility maintenance industry includes handyman and repair work, porter services, and general contracting to name a few. Workers are responsible for properly handling the equipment on a daily basis. Without regular safety training, mistakes can occur and dangerous outcomes can unfortunately take place. Here at ProFi Construction & Maintenance, we take safety procedures and consistent training very seriously. We explain how to regularly preserve a safe environment in the workplace when it comes to facility maintenance.  


Cleanliness is Key


As a facility maintenance company, we are constantly working in large warehouses and commercial properties. Power tools and other machinery are always present. No matter the project at hand, it’s important to maintain a clean space. Commercial renovations can get messy very quickly. Taking the time to clean a workspace will ensure that no one will slip on materials and get injured.


The Importance of Training


Hands-on training is required in the facility maintenance field. Workers need to learn how to safely handle the equipment and heavy machinery when it comes to power sweeping or general contracting jobs. Industry safety standards continue to evolve and that’s why regular training sessions are crucial. The construction industry alone comes with the potential for fatal injuries on site. Without the proper training for each job, the risk for a dangerous outcome increases.


ProFi Construction & Maintenance is proud to keep safety and training at the forefront in all projects we complete. We provide hands-on monthly training at our facility as well as quarterly safety and vehicle seminars. Our employees have the confidence to successfully work on a job without harming themselves or the people around them.